Unique Features

Non-heat Conducting

Patio cool decking and coping absorbs up to 15ºC less temperature than other surfaces*. This is because they are manufactured with 100% heatproof material composed by an exclusive formula based on volcanic lava. That is why they alwats stay cool, even in days of extreme heat.

* Certified by Building and Housing Research and Development Center of the National Technological University.


Patio porous texture helps in reducting the slippery condition even when it is wet from rain or poolside splashes.

Patio most important quality is the maximum level of safety for children and adults.

Smooth Surface

Patio presents a high quality homogenous surface in all the pieces, which creates a unique smoothie sensation and comfort when touched.

Bevelled Edges

Each non-slip piece has bevelled-edge finishing, giving a better comfortable sensation when resting the sole of the foot on the joints.

Easy Maintenance

Patio wide porous neck less surface prevents dirt to stick and makes cleaning much easier. A simple standard washing done with water mixed with some cleaning agent is enough to keep the Patio cool decking area spotless clean.


Patio is designed to have a greater wear resistance thanks to its raw material and its industrialized manufacturing process. By being manufactured as single-layer, there is no posibility of color changing.

High Quality Design

Patio's color comes in white and in exclusive ivory champagne. Industrialized manufacturing guarantees an excellent finishing. Patio's appearance of natural stone complements perfectly well with the scenery, giving a modern, harmonius and highly aesthetic environment.


Patio's cool decking and coping are ideal for swimming pools in:

Weekend Houses




Industrialized manufacturing

The industrialized manufacturing of Patio pieces has multiple advantages in use as well as in laying out.


It enables to reduce the time of high volume deliveries and to have a permanent stock.


It slows down the aging process, keeps the surface clean for a longer period and makes maintenance easier.

Tile Sizing

The perfect finishing of each Patio piece simplifies and speeds up workforce. Besides, it enables to make joints of uniform width and to be aesthetically harmonius.


The four borders of each piece are perfectly curved and bevelled. This makes workforce easier and allows excellent grout placement, hierarchizing it and allowing water to flow freely through it.

Unique dosage
in the hole piece

The single-layer system makes each piece to be lighter in weight, facilitating transportation, storage in the working area and placement. Patio also has an excellent mechanic resistance with a thinner thickness.

Homogeneity of
surface and color

Aesthetic quality is improved. Patio pieces selection is not necessary resulting in less material waste simplifying and speeding up placement.

Patio Pieces

Straight Coping


Straight Corner Coping

Finnish Over-Flow Set

Pieces Catalogue

Straight Coping

Code 01 M/B


Code 02 M/B

Straight Corner Coping

Code 03 M/B

Curved Corner Coping

Code 04 M/B

Finnish Over-flow Outer Piece

Finnish Over-flow Grid

Code 07 M/B

Finnish Over-flow Outer Piece

Code 05 M/B

Finnish Over-flow Inner Piece

Code 06 M/B

Dented Paver

Code 31 M/B

Mid Paver

Code 08 M/B

Curve Coping Ø1 | 45º

Code 09 M/B

Outer Curve Coping Ø1 | 45º

Code 10 M/B

Outer Curve Coping Ø20cm | 90º

Code 11 M/B

Complement Corner Coping

Code 12 M/B

Left Half Curve Coping | Ø1

Code 13 M/B

Right Half Curve Coping Ø1

Code 14 M/B

Left Roman adaptor Ø2

Code 15 M/B

Right Roman Adaptor Ø2

Code 16 M/B

Left Roman Adaptor Ø3

Code 17 M/B

Right Roman Adaptor Ø3

Code 18 M/B

Roman Curved Coping Ø2

Code 19 M/B

Roman Curved Coping Ø3

Code 20 M/B

Curved Coping Ø4

Code 21 M/B

Curved Coping Ø5

Code 22 M/B

Patio Sets


See more
01 - Finnish Over-flow Set 02 - Curved Coping Set Ø1 03 - Roman Arch Set Ø2 03a - Right Roman Adapter Ø2 03b - Left Roman Adapter Ø2 04 - Roman Arch Set Ø3 04a - Right Roman Adapter Ø3 04b - Left Roman Adapter Ø3 05 - Curved Coping Set Ø4 / Ø5 06 - Straight Corner Coping 07 - Paver 08 - Mid Paver 09 - Curved Coping Ø1 | 45º 10 - Outer Curved Coping 90º 11 - Counter Curved Coping Set Ø1 | 45º 12 - Straight Coping


To be used in terraces, sidewalks, arcades and outdoors.

Complementary Products

To have an excellent installation of Patio cool decking and coping, we recommend the use of complementary products Patio Waterproof Adhesive Cement and Joint Material. Their Usage warranties a final job with excellent finishing details and optimization of Patio cool decking and coping attributes.

Code 49

Patio Waterproof
Adhesive Cement

It has been specially developed for the placement of Patio cool decking and coping.


  • Avoids the realtive humidity transmission to the upper layer of the piece.
  • Optimizes adherence.
  • Does not require making a leveling carpet.
  • Comes in a tight sealed and weatherproof 30Kg / 66 9/64 Lb Bag.
  • For its application it only needs to add water and thoroughly mixing until having a homogenous mixture.
Download instructive
Adhesive Cement

Code 48 M/B


This product has been designed for the grouting and placement between the pieces. As it is manufactured with the same components as Patio's cool decking and coping, the result is a waterproof and heatproof product having the same color of the pieces.


  • It does not crack.
  • The basic materials it is made of are the same as those in Patio cool decking and coping.
  • Tight sealed and weatherproof 15Kg 1/16 Lb Bag.
  • For its application it only needs to add water and thoroughly mixing until having and homogenous mixture.
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Joint Material





The Company

Patio by Culzoni was founded by Gabriel Culzoni in 1977 in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

At first, the company was deeply related with the manual manufacturing of concrete modules to build concrete swimming pools, and heatproof deck and copings. As time went by these products became the company's principal product.

Automation in the blocking-heat production process which is supported by specialized engineering puts Patio by Culzoni in the cutting edge position in its field.

The world in constant evolution has moved us to be loyal to one of our promises: continuos technological innovation. A new dosage plant in our production line has allowed us to increase significantly the production volume and to optimize the color, quality and texture of each piece.

Apart from Patio cool decking and coping with block heating capacity, we manufacture stainless steel pool filters to be used in sport institutions, and large swimming pools.

We also offer the know-how (engineering transference) to large scale projects

We also import and commercialize many products related to the swimming pool and/or its environment.

Patio By Culzoni provides its experience and the specialized technical support, making easier to find solutions and quick answers to our client's safety and satisfaction.